Monday, November 17, 2008

2009 Saarinen Student Paper Announcement

Saarinen Student Paper Competition

The Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography Specialty Group announces the 2009 Saarinen Student Paper Competition. The EP&BGSG will award a $200 prize for the best student paper, illustrated paper, or poster (graduate or undergraduate) presented in either environmental perception or behavioral geography at the 2009 AAG meeting in Las Vegas.

Entrants in the Saarinen Student Paper Competition must also submit a maximum 25-page (double-spaced) version of their work. Papers must be based upon original research done as an undergraduate or graduate student and must be written entirely by the applicant. Awardees must be in attendance at the Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography Specialty Group business meeting at the 2009 AAG meeting.

All submissions will be judged on written clarity, methodological soundness, contribution to the field of EP&BG, and their presentation at the meeting. The Academic Directors of the EP&BGSG will judge all entries. The deadline for receiving your Saarinen Competition application form and your paper submission is Friday, February 13, 2009.

To apply for the Saarinen Student Paper Competition, fill out an application form available here:

2009 Entry Form

Send completed application form and manuscript to:

Dan Montello

Geography Department

University of California

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060

For questions contact Dan Montello via telephone (805 893-8536) or e-mail (