Tuesday, October 02, 2007

AAG 08 Call for Papers: Consumerism

Call for Papers: 2008 AAG Meeting, Boston, MA, April 15-19

The Geography of Consumerism

Organized by Galen Martin (University of Oregon)

Advertising and non-conventional product promotion increasingly penetrates into formerly non-commercial spaces. In clothing that promotes the brand names or in proposals to advertise in space, we are witnessing the nearly ubiquitous presence of consumerist promotions on larger scales. Nature, culture and public spaces are increasingly commodified, packaged, and sold.

At the same time, levels of consumption remain grossly uneven between and within countries. While capitalism suggests unencumbered growth in production and consumption, finite natural resources imply limits to growth. The enticing message of consumerism far outstrips the ability of the global economy to deliver affordable goods, even basic goods, while ignoring the environmental implications of increased levels of consumption. Attempts to address these issues on the part of affluent consumers are often criticized as superficial fixes that fail to address fundamental inequities and false assumptions.

We seek contributions, theoretical and demonstrative, that address the spatial or environmental aspects of consumerism, advertising and citizen responses. Topics may include:

"Green" consumerism
Citizen responses to commercialism
Siting and resistance to big box stores
China as the new consumer
Commodity chain studies
Product life-cycle analysis
Bottled water
Commodification and commercialization of public space Voluntary simplicity Non-conventional product promotion Commidification of culture and nature "Buy local" movements Fair trade movements Carbon bonds

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be sent to Galen Martin (gmartin@uoregon.edu) by Oct 15.