Tuesday, October 02, 2007

AAG 2008 Call for Papers: Everyday Spaces

Exploring the Place of Space in Environments for Human Activities and Experiences.

Organized by Molly Boeka Cannon and Doug Amedeo, Geography, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

We envision this 2008 AAG session to be one which would entertain papers examining the role of space as an inextricable component with other fundamental dimensions in the structuring of everyday environments for activities and experiences. Some of the topics which may fit under this theme, for example, include the importance of space in the conduct of activities and the having of experiences, why space matters in apprehending the nature of environments for activities and experiences, the role of space as a structuring-dimension in everyday environments, the role of space in scale effects on alternative versions of activity spaces, comprehending human activities and experiences in non-spatial settings, how space influences the conceptual and structural coherence of stimuli constituting activity environments, and the like. We are seeking papers that show distinctive and, perhaps, innovative ways of exploring these spatial issues in either an applied or theoretical way. Any perspective is, of course, welcome ranging from cognitive to more experiential positions, as long as one's principle focus is about space as a dimension of ordinary, everyday, environments for human activities and experiences.

Please send comments and or submissions to Molly Boeka Cannon at mcannon3@bigred.unl.edu