Monday, October 15, 2007

AAG 08 Call for Papers: Katrina

AAG 2008: Call for Paper/Abstracts

"In the Shadow of a Storm: Geographies of Katrina and Post-Katrina New Orleans"

Organizers: Scott Bell, Brown University and University of Saskatchewan; Xun Shi, Geography, Dartmouth University

These sessions will focus on hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in New Orleans. We anticipate these sessions will attract physical and human geographers and span a variety of approaches to geographic inquiry.
Furthermore, we hope to attract non-geographers working on topics related to Katrina and New Orleans. The potential topics covered by sessions and submissions might include Social and Environmental Justice, participatory mapping, governance and community involvement, hazard mitigation/perception, soil mapping, hydrology, historical development, development geography, among many others (see a longer list below). The breadth of the topics is sure to make these sessions a rich opportunity for geographers and researchers of all backgrounds to come together to better understand the storm and its impact on New Orleans. The organizers are willing to develop themed Katrina/New Orleans sessions if there is enough interest; feel free to contact us with ideas.
Submissions will be grouped in an effort to bring common themes together in single sessions.

Please send notes of interest to and We will eventually need an abstract PIN in order add presenters to these sessions.

The Association of American Geographers Annual meeting will be held from April 15th through 19th in Boston, MA. Additional information and conference registration/abstract submission can be found at

Other potential topics: demographic dynamics, social and environmental justice, land use and land cover changes, environmental conservation, environmental health, urban planning and management, hydrological modeling, emergency response, historical development, gentrification, governance and community involvement, participatory mapping, and the applications of spatial information technologies (GIS, remote sensing, and GPS) in all these issues
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